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…on the theme of epidemics and pandemics, from the ancient to Covid, and everything in between.

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*Extended: Submission window closes on the 7th 23rd July*

As a platform and a repository for poetry written in response to COVID-19, aims to recognise and publish a variety of voices speaking to our current pandemic. We will not intentionally publish anything which we deem in breach of liable laws or which promotes anti-social views. The opinions expressed in works published on our website are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the opinions of the PoetryandCovid Editors.

To submit poem(s) related to this or any other pandemic, email Either upload your poem as a word or PDF file, or send it in the body of the email. We welcome submissions of original writing or submissions of poem(s) that are out of copyright. Feel free to include any details regarding why you wrote or choose the poem(s) you are submitting and what those poem(s) means to you.

Send 1-6 poems, preferably in a single PDF document, although we also welcome JPEGs or image files if more appropriate for your work.

Please use ‘Submission’ as your email headline.

Your location: Let us know where you’re writing from!

Include a bio of up to 30 words, and feel free to include links to websites, blogs, social media ect.

Optional: Include a message on why you wrote the piece and your wider thoughts on writing and reading verse during the pandemic.

Optional: Include your social media details and a photo of yourselves.

Recommended: We encourage you to extend the communal conversation by leaving comments on your fellow poets’s poems. PoetryandCovid is a conversation between poets, scientists, healthcare workers, anyone and everyone affected by the COVID pandemic.

Payment: There is no payment for contributors to this website.

Copyright: Copyright remains with the author.

Usage: All poems published on the website may be subsequently re-published or cited by the project editors in their work considering how poetry is being used as a mode of discourse during the Covid-19 pandemic, including in the Introduction to the Poetry and Covid anthology, to be published in print by Shearsman in 2021. Any subsequent publication will credit the author and the place of publication as the website.

Photography Submissions

Covid and Poetry Submit a Poem

In addition to contributing a Poem, we welcome submissions of photos to feature in one of our masks. We particularly like…

  • Urban landscapes
  • Images that capture the lockdown
  • Images that provide a different perspective of COVID

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