Two Poems

By Amanda Addison


we’re stuck in this place,
this time

together in what seems like forever
or maybe an unforeseen holiday?

broken in pieces

to be glued back together
golden cracks rebuilding a simple vessel

of all our imperfect impermanence

wabi-sabi is a Japanese world view centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection

A change in climate

Is it just me, or are the birds singing more loudly?
Do the freshly cut lawns smell sweeter?
Are the heavens painted a brighter,
more perfect blue

walkers march on,
Cyclists whir by
joggers pitter patter past

seeking a purpose
taking the air
breathing deeply

whilst some are gasping
in this changing climate

Amanda Addison’s work is inspired by the natural world, travel and textiles. She has been listed for the Commonword, Fish Memoir and Virginia Prize. Flash fiction winner Dulwich Festival and EACWP. She holds an MA in Writing the Visual. Her picture book, Boundless Sky is a Carnegie/Greenaway nominee.

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