By Kerri Simpson

The world glowed red.
Fire asserted its destructive
power. Rivers choked.
Mankind prayed. Forgive
us our reckless ways. Rain
came. Cathartic tears
to wash away the flame
and extinguish our fears.
The darkness retreated
into the shadows, invisible.
Silent yet undefeated,
seemingly invincible.

The land grew green
as Mother Nature breathed
deeply. An aurorean
scene as humanity receded.
Tentatively, the beasts
reclaimed the urban jungle.
Rumble of progress, ceased
while the bees bumble.
Birds nested. Freedom
lost, lives saved. Confined,
mankind prayed. Seasons
pass, eyes colour-blind.

The water ran crystal
clear, pure. Fish swam,
mammals drank. Blissful,
Mother Nature ambled
through canals and rivers,
her clogged arteries relieved
of that which damned her.
Mankind preyed, displeased
her. A plaque on the earth
threatens extinction or leads
to rebirth.

The sky sparkled blue.
Reflected and refracted light
chased rainbows through
clouds. Eagles in flight
silhouetted, opalescent.
Mother Nature sang
a serenade to existence,
no big bang…
just harmony. Mankind
prayed, pleaded for cures.
Mankind bargained.
Life endures.

I write novels under the name Holly A Harvey and am from the North East of England. I usually prefer comedy prose but have recently strayed into poetry.

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