By Rani Drew

The Globe is vibrating with the Coronavirus.
Has there ever been such a threat to human life?
Yet now unseen and unknown it is overtaking the planet.

World is no longer divided, no borders to prevent
Gusts of killer air invading beyond the lines,
Sweeping through Space boiling with living breath.

Humans are locked up; bodies are arrested,
Leaving only minds to wander, eyes to visions,
But breath is held a prisoner.

How long? How long? Will this sweep of unseen,
untouched invasion of the planet be without end?
Will we remain alive to break its shackles?

The Caution-call roars from all ends to deter the infection.
Forbidden are the joys of breathing air, touching things;
Must keep a distance of six feet to escape its embrace.

To breathe once again: deep, deep, step out, no longer
A prisoner to the racing epidemic, the unseen invading
Storm of destruction, annihilation of humans.

But beyond the bite of the Vampire Bat,
Nature negates the threat of human Extinction.
Spring flowers are blooming, so fragrant, so colourful.

They yearn for human touch, just as humans
Long to behold the rainbow of their colours, and
Breathe their fragrance to soothe their own vision.

The earth flowers display more colours than even
The Sky Rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
But like the Rainbow with its curved sword of immortal colours

Slice the evil hurricane to bits with its sharp edge, never again
Let it rise to demolish the planet with disease and death.

Originally published by Commonwealth Writers.

Rani Drew is a poet. She has been writing poetry for many years and has three Collections of her poems. She has also published in many poetry magazines abroad and in the UK.  A Fourth Collection of poetry is on its way. Yet. she likes to submit her poems to other magazines. She is also a playwrite, fiction writer, a novelist and an academic writer. She has published poetry and short stories in North American, UK and Indian magazines.

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Anita Drew
Anita Drew
5 months ago

Great poem, wonderful rhythm and comment on the impact of Covid

Last edited 5 months ago by Anita Drew

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