Pandemic Panorama

By Amanda Jones

My pandemic panorama
Produces a plethora of play.
Inside my cage of drama
Comes a theatre each day.

A battle with the system,
Clashing services between.
I peer from my own position
And remain mostly unseen.

Prodding tentatively at it,
Will they link together?
The biggest, true asset,
May not reply, never!

Simple, useful details
Is all that is required.
They hide and all entails
Slogging fights to be retired.

The phones, emails, discussions,
Letters arrive six pages long.
Covid guidance for videos,
But it’s me whos’ in the wrong.

Trying to sustain the flow,
Pushing through thick mud.
It abruptly stops when I know
All I do is for greater good.

Protected in a goldfish bowl
With views and outside space.
There are worse places whole
In the outside living race.

I’ll keep on linking together
The people who I keep
Close, to help me be better
Awake whilst I’m asleep.

Turning it all around,
Upside excuses blocking.
The slow progress is found
With some gentle mocking.

Shielding has become my norm,
For many years I fight,
To take on a different form
As day sweeps into night.

Amanda has been writing since she was a child with work in horror, poetry, short stories and non-fiction. She is also author of the Missy Dog series for good causes.

I am a disabled writer living in Okehampton, Devon. My inspiration during the pandemic is the progression of my disease, Relapsing Polychondritis, and the battle of joining up healthcare. I enjoy writing to inspire others and have been amazed to be able to write throughout my health deterioration. During the pandemic I have been reading a lot more and take part in a local poetry group online. I also took part in the Why I Write initiative from The Literary Consultancy currently available on YouTube and have been adding my own poetry to my channel with pictures.

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5 months ago

I love the rhythm in this.

Amanda Jones
5 months ago
Reply to  GillJames

Thank you Gill.

Let us know what you think of the Poetry and Covid project by completing this short survey… thank you!

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