The Walk

By Genevieve Luyimbazi

After, the 14 days isolation,
Today I walked, My Mom, My Dad
We walked for fresh air, we walked for fitness.
We walked away from boredom at home.

With Masks up the chin, nose and mouth
Speeding ambulances zoomed past us
The familiar sight and sound of our roads
But a sight and sound, that will soon walk away.

After our 5 Kilometer target
We walked back, to bit the 7 o’clock curfew
It’s the daily chaos, many not just walking
Many are but running walking back home
Police start to walk into the trading centers.

This is the COVID walk, the running walk
After our 14 day isolation
We tested negative
And intent on continuing with our walk
Masked to the chin, nose and mouth.
Knowing that soon, we shall walk back into our classrooms.

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