My Impending Adventure, A Story for Another Day

By Naikaali Irene Ssentongo

Walking down a lonely path with no one to hold nor kiss goodbye. The oxygen mask gives me the calm assurance that all will be well soon.
Taking a leap of faith into the unknown, I look ahead towards my guiding star. The assurance I get is that the path I have chosen is the one I am destined to take.
Where are we headed? I ask, I hear no voice in return. I turn my head to fill in the void.
I must cooperate and spread out my wings, well knowing that this game of life is working for me not against me.
I then cross over to the other side with confidence. I have endured the race and now it’s time to cheer on the helplessly medical teams that watched silently as I negotiated my path.
Weep no more my beloveds, my impending adventure on the other side is a story for another day.

Irene Naikaali Ssentongo is from Uganda, Eastern Africa. At the time of writing this poetry piece, she was in hospital nursing her 85 year old grandmother whose oxygen levels had dropped to 40% and waiting to make the leap to the other side.

This poem has been written in memory of our beloveds around the world that have courageously walked down the path of death due to the Corona Virus. I wonder how it felt like dying a lonely death with none of their loved ones by their side. I send love to all the patients out there across the world struggling for dear life. With love, courage and cooperation we shall overcome and live in harmony with the corona virus. History confirms that science and technology has overcome similar pandemics in the past, COVID-19 will not defeat us.

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Clive Reed
Clive Reed
11 months ago

Beautiful…I haven’t lost anyone close…but you are right. We will overcome and our hearts are with you!

11 months ago

Lovely and sad at the same time.

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