Four Poems

By Sulabh Kumar Shrestha

Welcome to my RNA

My capricious little genome
Walking through your ribosomes
Millions of crowned copies
Commandeering your body
A violent storm of cytokine
Blindly destroying everything…

We can’t play Gods

Gowned, we’ve come for rounds
Your lungs like deep drowned
A frosted glass ground
Oxyhemoglobin falls down
But nothing we have can cure
Like an alchemist with no elixir…

Thin air

Fahrenheits rising, magmatic skin
Gasping for air, breaths machined
Havoc beeping of a life struggling
And slowly as my air gets thin
Dreaming over clouds of morphine
But in dark, I see a silver lining…


They’re drowning in air
Breathing in despair
Aluminum bottled lives
Keeps them alive
Every minutes in litres
Needs needle in meters…

I’m Dr. Sulabh Kumar Shrestha (Currently resident in Orthopedics, Patan Academy of Health Sciences). These 6 lined poems are about coronavirus, covid, doctors, patients and the current pandemic and crisis.

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