COVID-19: New Rules!

By Gary Weston

Follow rules of social distance
It’s the path of most resistance
Stay at least six feet away
Don’t let others come your way

Stay inside all by yourself
A good time to clean a shelf
Time to read a book or two
Find a movie you can view

It’s now time to call a friend
With some sympathy to lend
Just don’t think you’ll get a hug
That’s a way to catch this bug

Wash your hands ten times a day
And when items come your way
Please don’t try to touch your face
It’s a very catchy place

Don’t go out unless you must
Use this time to clean and dust
Pen a poem or sing a song
Perfect pastimes all day long

We don’t know how long we’ll see
Ever rising misery
Be the best that we can be
As we wish for normalcy

A pandemic is no joke
Yet we should not all revoke
Humor that gives us a smile
As we stay in place awhile

Throughout the pandemic, the “rules” we were supposed to be complying with varied by time and place, were often changing, and were contested or opposed by some.  In March 2020 when I wrote this poem, the emphasis was on social distancing and hand washing (not mask wearing).  

One “rule” that I hope we embrace is that, to the extent possible, we maintain our sense of humor and humanity throughout, even in the face of tragedy.

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