I’m Leaving These Restrictions

By Audrey Pearce

Clear the Decks, I’m leaving, I need a change of air,
Because my environment has become overbearing,
It just isn’t fair. I must overcome these dire feelings
Of disconsolation. Feelings I need to restrain;
Because they’re taking over. Emotions
That I can’t control. What can I do?
What can I do to restrain this nightmare?
I’ve tried my best to clear my head,
But everything is stilted, all unbearable.
When the poisonous air with no restrictions –
Allowed to travel, wherever it wants.
Without any control. What can we do?
Not knowing clearly of these restrictions –
We’re allowed to ignore, and what we choose to obey?
What to do for the best? So the answer
Is to leave everything. Start a new life.
How can that be? I had no idea.
But I’ve now decided – I’ll be off,
Ignore all of that I should obey.
Off to a completely new beginning.
I’ll start by flying a kite.
Arabesque all around Queens Ice Rink.
Bathe luxuriously in bubbling champagne.
Speed around a Grand Prix track.
Have a go at anything, as long as it’s new.
‘Cause I’m willing to try anything – the mood I’m in.
Anything? Within reason!
After this overwhelming pestilence disappears;
Just get me away from all this poisonous air –
Get me out of this intolerable bin.

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Pat Southern-Pearce
Pat Southern-Pearce
3 months ago

Love the ending, especially. Yes, let’s kick the cobwebs away and dance!

sue matin
sue matin
3 months ago

This is great Audrey, and I can hear your voice coming through loud and clear!

Me - Judith Taylor
Me - Judith Taylor
3 months ago

Well done audrey I agree with you👏👏

Me - Judith Taylor
Me - Judith Taylor
4 months ago

Well done audrey I agree let’s get back to normal
Love judith

Me - Judith Taylor
Me - Judith Taylor
4 months ago

Well done audrey I agree with everything you say let’s get back to normal

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