Calypso’s Island

By Jasmine Greaves

It’s hard to be
The one who stays
Calypso on her island
Watching them leave her
Leave me here
To wait for the hero
Of the new normal
That promises to
Come back
For me but I’m not
Sure what the
Normality of normal is
What does a lecture
Hall look like I wonder
As I wander through
Zombie streets that
Mask themselves from
Me and leave me
Here on Calypso’s island

My name is Jasmine greaves and I am writing from Plymouth, England. I am a student at University of Plymouth studying English with Creative Writing with hopes to go onto teaching by day and a struggling (at the moment) cinema worker by night. 

I wrote this piece to reflect a lot of my struggles during the pandemic with waiting. Both my parents are essential workers and my younger sister is still at school, so the new normal for them has become sort of like the old normal but with extra steps. But as one of the ill-fated class of 2020 and a non-essential worker, my life during the pandemic has been about waiting. Waiting for university to start, waiting for work to open again, waiting for my driving test to be rescheduled. During this time, I have felt an innate connection with Calypso, who saw everyone come and go as they pleased to her island but was trapped there herself. 

For me, the pandemic has ruined the enjoyment of reading. The idea of sitting in one place with a book is repulsive, because I do nothing but remain still. My entire life seems to be still, so it has become very difficult for me to immerse myself in anything. However, it has given me a lot of time for writing. I have taken a lot of time to reflect on myself and my work; learning how to channel creativity and inspiration. The act of writing gives me a sense of motion that is a change from everything else.

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CChristy White
CChristy White
7 months ago

Ah, you are not a natural hermit! Good analogy in the poem. Hard to stay still when the currents are moving around you.

Let us know what you think of the Poetry and Covid project by completing this short survey… thank you!

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