The Invisible Killer

By Joanne Mcgee

Cannot be found
It rules this land like a monarch who wears a crown
It’s seeped into each and everyone of us
It’s taken away our lives within its murderous grasp

It’s stolen away our pleasures, our friends and our families
We are living the sentence of life in our homes like criminals serving their time

Days have become dark our spirits are broken
Plans and hopes have been shattered

When will this insipid thief finally be caught, the one who ravages our world as we know it?

Destruction and chaos is all it does bring
We have entered a very dark phase of winter pressures

Angels and saints of the higher good give their all, to their subjects who fight to hold onto life
Alienated from loved ones this grip is so lonely and cruel

We are in a race against an enemy that is transparent who shall live who shall die?

Science has given us a flicker of hope the light glimmer is all we have
We have a weapon that will dethrone that dark king and we will finally end this insipid ripping

Hope, peace and life will restore once more, like a treacherous sea who has weathered this war .

I am a Chemistry graduate and single mother of two children Grace ages 16 and Harry-James 12.

I work as a medical representative specialising in respiratory.

I have nearly completed a 3 month secondment working for the ONS and Oxford University helping with antigens in swabs and antibodies in blood capillary fingerprick tests.

I will return back to my normal job in pharmaceuticals at the end of may.

I have been very proud to help out such a great cause within the pandemic. 

I tend to write my poetry from feelings and internal images. I wrote the above poem in the height of lockdown. I could visualise a dark fairytale like character a dark king and thought it told a story. The king was formed as corona means crown.

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Germina Melius
Germina Melius
7 months ago

I love the way you expressed the nature of this virus and its impact. I enjoyed reading, continue the good work.

Joanne McGee
Joanne McGee
7 months ago
Reply to  Germina Melius

Thank you so much for the comments I’m so glad you enjoyed my poem and found it relatable. If you would like to follow me on Facebook I have a page called Poetry by Joanne McGee if you would like to look at my other poems

Thank you again Joanne

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