Four Poems

By Diana Jansen

Lock Down

Just another day.
Sliver of light through closed curtains.
One eye open,
Oh no – what, where, when…
A day like yesterday,
like tomorrow, and so,
time stretches – like
an empty path
leading nowhere.
‘Are you still there
in the barren tomorrows?
I call, but no answer…
Nowhere, no one, no end…

Nowhere to go

Nowhere to go
Nothing to see

Among the branches
A nest

In the nest
An egg

Tiny, fragile
In its perfection.

A new life
After Covid


It is called

(During Lockdown)

Just now, it’s the longing.
I the Outsider
In my threadbare chair
Moments of warmth.
My mother’s new baked bread
And goodnight kiss.
My children
Seeking solace,

Comfort from a hug.
Newly married,
The touch that became
A lifelong loving,
Kisses, an embrace
A touch, more potent than words.
Untouched now…ten months long.
Have I become untouchable?

Lock Down

A Blackbird sings in the willow tree.
I say ‘good morning’ to my friendly robin
Sitting on my neighbour’s fence,
Softly, for the general next door
Is Robin too…
Make myself a cup of coffee,
Discuss the weather with my cat
Arrange some daffodils in a crystal vase
And ponder over the news.
How many new cases,
How many dead,
what else in this ‘unprecedented’ time
To threaten worry and alarm?
‘Let’s be clear, if you get it
You’ll probably die!’
This morning a phone call:
‘This is the Ponteland Medical Centre,
Are you DJ and are you well?’
‘Perfectly well, thank you.’
‘Just checking…are you sure
You won’t be wanting resuscitation?’
‘Quite sure, thank you,
I’m nearly 83 and ready now to die!’
‘Thank you so much, that’s a great help.’

I have written poetry for most of my life and have recently published a pamphlet of my poems. The Pandemic has provided an opportunity to reflect, and also to write.

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8 months ago

What wonderful poems!

A mixture of the Groundhog Day-like existence we experienced from March 2020 (Lock Down).

The way we all seemed to communicate more with nature and notice the world around us (Nowhere to go).

The strangeness of missing the nearness and touch of fellow humans (Longing).

And my favourite poem – the daily obsession with life, death and statistics which became all-encompassing, yet written with a sense of the absurd (Lock Down)

Let us know what you think of the Poetry and Covid project by completing this short survey… thank you!

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