Corona Moaner

By Ruth Shimelds

As I lay here in the sun
I contemplate how long the lockdown will run
It’s not that I’m bored to tears
Though truth be told I have been for years

I had to cancel my paper delivery
The constant bad news was too much misery
I’m walking miles a day and I don’t have a dog
I seem to suffer the worst kind of brain fog

I’ve tried tic tok, zoom and WhatsApp
But socialising online just leaves a great big gap

I’m missing hugs, people and smiles
I go to the supermarket looking for a friendly face in the aisles

I done glass painting, oil painting, encaustic and more
I have creatively oozing from every pore

They say I should embrace this time of reflection
Yet I’m just lethargic and lack direction

On a happier note the sky is blue the sun is shining
This goes to show every cloud has a silver lining!
I tell myself this will all come to an end
That’s the only way, yet I cannot comprehend

Such scaremongering and fear stories do not assist
I tell myself there’s only love and light to resist

So now I stop this woeful ode
It was just my selfish way to unload

…. continued ….

A year has lapsed since my last verse
I can honestly say it couldn’t have been worse
No hugs, No kisses No brotherhood of man
Normal socialisation has me as a fan

We are coming to the end of a life sentence as such
Creativity,eating,drinking and facebook have been my crutch
So lets face the exciting future and grab it with both hands
Yet never forget to appreciate the small things that life demands

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