Quarantine Thoughts

By Yasha Jadwani

Quarantine Thoughts

It’s a difficult time for everyone,
rich or poor everyone is tensed
everyone is in the same boat
fighting with the same ocean’s storm

someone’s wife is sick and someone’s daughter
the man has entered the kitchen to make food
someone’s father is in hospital while someone’s brother
women have also stood up to earn money

there is a standing white taj mahal
but no one’s there to watch it
unshaken tall mountains are there
but no one’s lungs have to stamina to climb that today

mind is free but still in jail
the body is there but no oxygen for the heart
today after winning also we have lost
because we can celebrate without a hug
we are so close with our elders
but still can’t touch feet

why did covid only make us understand
importance of most precious things
about resources which were a favor to us
about the moments that we never lived completely before

This poem is really special to me as I wrote this during my isolation period when I was sick with covid. It was a really difficult and depressing time, and this poem helped me come out of my emotions in a unique way.

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