Three Poems

By Colin Self

Lockdown Dread

Every lockdown felt like the living dead
Dire thoughts imagined filled with dread
Many months of coping with coronavirus
Which has impacted the lives of all of us
Pain and hurt for everybody still goes on
Nobody thought it would ever last so long
Now a lot less carefree laughter is heard
Social gatherings have all been deferred
Not sure when holidays can be arranged
Everybody’s lives all drastically changed
Living through an extremely strange time
Writing simple words which almost rhyme
Recollecting emotions and how kept sane
When tough for any normal life to sustain
Crucial virulent pandemic was contained
Thus populace by lockdowns constrained
Too many never did to guidelines adhere
Despite infections, deaths being so severe
With vaccination programmes in full swing
At last the “Fat Lady” can come out to sing

Verses Forlorn

Recently my verses have been rather forlorn
From Coronavirus and lockdown been born
Now live with more optimism on the horizon
As many more of population get vaccination
Can write poetry of the uplifting happier kind
As life gets back to some normality we’ll find
Be able to socialise greet with a hand shake
No more behind those face masks will quake
Call at the pub with friends for a beer or two
Attend live gigs, the theatre, cinema and zoo
Better weather will also demeanour enhance
All will of such opportunities take the chance
Permit travel around UK and also overseas
Freedom of movement will everyone please
Sit with picnic watching cricket on the green
Part of the British way of life an idyllic scene
Better days really can’t come round too soon
And definitely enable us to hum happier tune
Many need to overcome sadness of lives lost
As govt strive to reconcile the economic cost

A Lockdown Diversion

Spanish is a language I previously had to learn
Often found the spoken word difficult to discern
The written word favoured as easier to translate
Have time to consider, read again and deliberate
Now self-isolation gives opportunity to learn again
Back in the 1980’s a degree of fluency did attain
Though had difficulty with noun before adjective
And verbs with no direct object called intransitive
The past, present, future verbs made little sense
Said “ayer o manaña” before using present tense
Invariably subject and predicate were misplaced
Usually occurred when trying to interpret in haste
Verb suffixes changing for pronouns you’re using
Knowing correct gender for words also bemusing
Study late in the evening through Duolingo online
Helped by imbibing tot of whiskey or glass of wine
Words, phrases used in conversation memorised
Spelling especially diacritical marks emphasised
Need weeks of self-isolation to improve learning
Yet resolution of Covid-19 is what I am yearning
Will acquisition of language skill be tried in Spain
Could life ever be normal, package hols by plane
Once businesses, restaurants, bars, shops trading
And Covid-19 under control and far less pervading
How long before this doom and gloom will vanish
Until that time will continue daily dose of Spanish

My name is Colin Self and I have been retired for 20 years. I worked in Research for Shell initially in Kent in their Crop Protection activities and for the last few years at Ellesmere Port working in Additives Research. Currently living in Cheshire on my own in an apartment looking over the River Weaver.

Enjoy walking around the Cheshire countryside and play tennis at least twice a week although the latter had to be suspended through lockdown affording more time to write poetry and revisit lessons on the Spanish language. During the 1980’s I was fortunate to visit South America for work and had managed to converse in the local tongue. Like most people during the lockdowns needed to keep my brain active in addition to doing some physical activity. Although live on my own I have four sons who provided additional support during the lockdown although for most of the time social distancing! As a keen armchair football supporter was pleased that lots of football on the TV plus enjoyed the cricket in India. Since my divorce Poetry has enabled me to express my personal thoughts on the way I was feeling and the battle to combat loneliness in later years. My poetry has broadened and I write poems for events experienced by family and friends.

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