Sunny Day

By Carol Beaumont

The sun is out and I hope that it stays,
It’s made a big difference to all of our days,

But we’re still stuck inside right to the end,
It’s driven us all right round the bend,

But now it’s fine, what a difference it makes,
A bit of good weather, that’s all it takes,

Family and friends have just had their jab,
What a long wait to come from the lab,

We can now meet outside in groups of two,
Walks in the park, for me that’ll do,

Can’t wait for the day to go shopping in town,
We’ve all had enough of the year in lockdown

I’ll phone my friends, meet up for a coffee,
It’ll be strange, it won’t be just me,

Can I go out without having to ask,
Can I go out without wearing my mask,

My gas bill is high it’s been very cold,
Heating stays on, I’m getting so old,

I’ve played every game and read all my books,
Interrupted by anyone they get dirty looks,

I don’t know what I’d do without my iPad,
At times it’s the only friend that I’ve had,

Normality returning ? I hope that it’s true,
After this long year we’ll have something to do.

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Colin Self
Colin Self
8 months ago

It’s true how a little sunshine and warmth changes ones countenance, The words reflected in many ways my life during lockdown. Please somebody writes in a similar style to me!

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