Two Poems

By Joseph Killukan

Be Safe, Say You Care

Mighty Man brought to his knees
Left shaken by the deadly disease.
Looks to the Heavens helplessly .
As he struggles scurrying aimlessly.
The ultimate in evolution
Still far from a solution.
Listen, it’s a test match, not a one day game
Mortal Man, its a crowded street not an expressway, so Don’t Corona Dare.
Be Safe, Say You Care.

Oh Maa

The hand of destiny
Carved me in your womb.
At the-time appointed
Stern promptings guiding
Nudged by screams emanating from your throat,
Was I brought forth.
Nurtured, favoured, loved, protected I grew ,
increased as you decreased.
And with time, And with cares of my own,
The distance grew.
And when it dawned on you that the end was near
One last time, you said, son, I love you.
Life’s lessons so cruel.
When I can
No longer see you,
No longer hear you
No longer touch you,
No longer feel you
And I yearn it all.
I am left with nothing
But sadness and memories.
Can you hear me in the heavens above-
I shall speak a little louder,
Break the chasm
And you hear me say, Amma, I love you too.
May your liberated soul rest in eternal peace, Amen

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A Thomas
A Thomas
8 months ago

Well penned

8 months ago
Reply to  A Thomas

Thank you

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