Music During a Pandemic

By Eamonn Hubert

Music during a pandemic isn´t like music in a regular world
It is closed up inside a home and doesn´t get to be seen
People eventually start to forget what music can really mean
The composer anxiously sits at home with his head flaming with thoughts
Propped behind a computer screen, fatigued and bored,
He thinks back to a time when his powerful music shone and roared

Alone at home, no one to talk to, the utter silence can become deafening
Whether it´s the ambient strum of a guitar or the rumble of a bass
Without that feeling, there is an empty space
During a world crisis combined with economic decline and separation
Every day feels like a worthless vacation

Music during a pandemic can bring someone joy
It creates a melodic universe that everyone can enjoy
It can remind someone of how much beauty there is in the world
It can ignite an old memory with one single word

The composer sits at home behind a computer screen
Analyzing all the disasters he has seen
Social media absorbs his mind
As his life becomes a staircase that continues to curl and wind

Melodies that were once a symphony become memories that live in infamy

The composer stays up late at night
Looking at stars that shine so bright
Wondering if the tunnel ends with light
Wondering if his tunnel ends with light

Eamonn Hubert is a 7th grader but also a professional performing musician and has been playing live music since he was 6 and has performed hundreds of shows. This past year resulted in cancellation of more than half of his band’s typical calendar and significant loss of income as well as BOREDOM and remarkable creativity!  His English teacher asked the kids to write an “occasional poem” after they discussed Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb.”  He chose to write about how it has felt to not be able to perform regularly.  He is also autistic, ADHD, and stutters, but he has perfect pitch and plays 8 or 9 instruments with guitar being his primary. He toured as a swing with Broadway’s “School of Rock the Musical” and went on multiple times in 2019—the tour closed in June 2019, not long before COVID became a thing and changed the world forever.  He has watched his musical and performing peers lose work and also be unable to do what they love, and they are just getting back to it now in small doses.

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jac carley
8 months ago

I am humbled! What a person you are, what talent and insight. Good luck. I think I can hear the music (in my heart) so keep playing.

8 months ago

Wow, you sound like a fascinating person, whom I would love to meet. Please do not lose hope in the power of music to heal and connect. The music is eternal.

8 months ago

Memon Hubert achievement is inspiring. Reminds me of the great poet P B Shelly’s great lines: Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.

8 months ago


Linda Ori
Linda Ori
8 months ago

A wonderfully introspective piece of writing! Well done, Eamonn!

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