Today Is

By Cara L. McKee

Today is much like
yesterday, like
tomorrow, like
any given day in the lockdown, maybe
I’ll shake it up a bit like
walking in a new direction, or just
staying in my PJs all day like
a stinky teenager, maybe just
staying in bed like
there’s nowhere else to go.

During the first lockdown I set myself a challenge of writing a poem a day, using a set number of ‘like’s because my kids were driving me crazy with all their ‘like’s and if you can’t beat them-

This is from April 11th, and I was using some prompts from Instagram #aprillove2020 to get started. Back then I was writing a lot, engaging with anything I could find online. Afterwards I would lose my interest in writing, feel stupid engaging, not want to read anything. This was rather unfortunate as my book came out in May 2020. I still have plenty of copies left, check out my webpage at

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