A Dream of Immunity

By Tejas Yadav

Spring is ripening the dark moss
Like hibernating moles
Now from locked-down holes
Some emerge into more chaos.

Timid sunshine blinds outside
Where faces once lifted to bask
Now only a pinched blue mask
Hiding panic in plain sight.

Variant, vaccine, news & views
Viral, senseless dominion
Everyone spouts an Opinion
Overwhelm turns to snooze.

Tedium is the new medium
Grief does not Economics know
Or why Science drags on slow?
Loss sways a fragile fulcrum.

Hope and fear now bedfellows
Pandemic unworthy of panegyric
Is Spring here truly, to stick ?—
Ask the moss, it knows.

Tejas Yadav is a writer, scientist and amateur photographer. He enjoys a good coffee, traveling to new places and learning foreign languages. Currently, he lives in Paris, France. You can read more of his published work here: https://medium.com/@ytejas/my-published-work-7cc06b99a443

I’ve come to understand that life happens when we’re not looking. During lockdown, I’ve had little choice but to look carefully. Entire days blink past. Recently I joined a writer’s group online started by a friend. Even so, writing during and about the pandemic has been difficult. We are still in a quasi-lockdown in France. Poetry, reading and writing help me survive monotony, hopelessness, and overcome my sense of cynical resignation. I’m grateful for words: mine and those of others that keep me afloat.

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