One day this will be Over

By Joe Bannon

Looking out the window on a grey wet afternoon, on a leave day without merit wished the end was coming soon.

The faith I had, that life I made was under my command,
revealed as now just fantasy, controlled by governmental hand.

Where has gone our yesterday where normal was routine,
I stand against new normal as not normal but obscene.

Was we all so very happy as before this shadow fell, or did we wander through our dream land built on lies ourselves we tell.

I long for old illusions of my freedoms and my rights,
if only just power’s tokens, fragile, as a breeze to candle lights.

Each day is like the last day now, like a prisoner serving time
though the theft of my own liberty is both punishment and crime.

I know the good intent behind this quarantine rationale
but it is for me as I think for most, sapping life and all morale.

Ever heavy lies the weight from fearful public expectation,
demands our chosen leaders steers us through to virus emancipation

Where rests hope for our tomorrow, prey the tide will finally turn
and we’ll trade our trust that vaccines, delivers yesterday’s return.

One day this will all be over and our lives we’ll have again
and I shall be so very glad to recite the word of my refrain.

Happy is as happy does to enjoy life’s simple pleasure
with loved ones close and masks disposed and no distancing or measure.

One day this will all be over and all will then rejoice,
we’ll party play and recreate, indulge whatever is our choice.

Happy is as happy does to enjoy life’s simple pleasure,
to work again or educate or partake in sport and leisure.

One day this will all be over and we must take the time to pause,
although man defeated nature’s wrath he was responsible for its cause.

“Yes” I dream that happiness and happy times will soon one day be here
and the feeling of this cold shadow will finally disappear.

Happy is as happy does let’s all enjoy together
and remember what was lost and found and cherish simple life forever.

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