Poems on Covid

By Rabiya Haseeb

It’s raining outside
Drop by drop falling on leaves
Taking away with it sorrows and grieves
Making everything fresh and happy
Flowers are dancing joyful and whacky
Giving a mind solace and serenity
Helping it to regain its vigor and sanity
Drops of rain falling here and there
Everywhere around moving freely with the air
Emotions are highly triggered by the rain
Making us forget about the loss and gain
Raindrops are free but humans are not
What a misfortune this time has brought
Humans have lost their freedom to move
To walk in the rain and enjoy in the groove
Who knows when the imprisonment ends?
When we will be able to re follow our trends
When the time of freedom will come again
And when we will be able to enjoy the rain

The world is by a deadly pandemic
To change its rules to challenge its dynamics
Leaving its marks on ever body around
Least considerate about limits and bounds
Infecting the humans making them ill
Some are recovering some are still
No one knows how far it’ll go
Breaking how many hearts in its flow
Someone is waiting to see his father
Stuck in somewhere farther and farther
Someone is longing to meet his beloved
With the heart so scared and emotions so ragged
Future planning has fallen to doubts
Forcing the people to cry and shout
But this is the single side of the picture I’ve shown
The pandemic has the long long way to be grown
It left us in a state of continuous transition
A moment hope and another of frustration
Leaving us all in a constant depression
Those who are not ill are facing suppression
Suppressing their desires craving for life
We actually didn’t know the meaning of life
Now when we know the uncertainty prevails
Not giving anyone the freedom to inhale
The air as we used to do it from ages
Making our homes like lockups and cages
May this all end soon and we live
A life which we never used to live
A life with more humanity and generosity
Helping others without keeping any curiosity
May Almighty help us get out of this situation
For he never leaves alone his beloved creation

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Nosheen Asim
Nosheen Asim
8 months ago


Khalid Rawat
Khalid Rawat
9 months ago

beutiful poewm.

9 months ago

Amazing love it

9 months ago

Beautiful thoughts!!

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