Lockdown Latte

By James Lloyd

It’s been a year of lockdown
Been living in my dressing gown
Is it Friday? Is it Thursday?
Who’s to know – let’s call it Blursday

Going for my daily walk
Buying coffee, trying to talk
But not so easy with a mask
Mmh mhh mmh? – all you can ask

I’m not sure if she heard me
Because she poured quite carefully
A latte big enough to drown in
She could be smiling, could be frowning

I drag it out onto the street
I offer everyone I meet
A sip of liquid, warm and bitter
Someone posts it on their Twitter

And when I’ve drunk the coffee up
I drag the massive coffee cup
And throw it in the river Avon
It almost kills a dozy swan

I jump into the coffee cup
It holds my weight and floats back up
And now I’m going out to sea
Feeling good and feeling free

It won’t be long till I’m in Wales
The land of valleys, hills and dales
Where all the rules are more relaxed
I’ve been online and checked the facts

The shops are open, and the loos
Which for me is such good news
Because I’ve drunk a lot of coffee
And I really need a wee

I’m a writer based in Bristol. My daily trip to get a takeaway coffee has been one of the things that’s kept me going during lockdown – a chance to get out of my flat and do something normal. The coffee shop is right by the water, and I’ve often imagined getting on a boat and sailing away into a lockdown-free future.

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