Covid Nurse

By Carl Barber

Where would I be with out you
your nightingales cry
softening my own
upon a bitter livid darkening day.

In your white sheets
I sail this choking sea
where from
my eyes rise up
and you are there
breathless yourself
on those too busy wards.

And at home how do you
relax from the eyes pleading for
more oxygen, more breath.

And from those
seemed like, too many times
you tried to be there
but you came back
to only no breath
and vacant glazed eyes.

You who burn the
candle at both ends
to save us

My mother, my father,
my daughter, my son,
you saved
and there are not enough
flowers in the world
we would give you.

You are the measure of humanity
we can not match
the precious golden few
who go on saving us.
day by aching day.

Until when there’s made
a small garden with a pool
in a sunny place
where we come by
one by one
to thank you
on a high hill
with a green fountain
and cloudless
for you few.

Back ground in graphics and media – arts, social campaigning, PR/ news photography, former chair of 3 Harbours Arts Festival, was starting out performing poetry with clarinet preludes before Pneumonia and then pandemic. 

My pneumonia and visits to hospital are influences here. Thankfully,  I am in much better health now. In all honesty I think of the stresses and dedication of front line nursing staff and just want to give something back. I wrote it for them. Its not much, its not enough, but at least can do this for what its worth…  

The Secret Venue – Home of Orange Blue

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9 months ago

Our society doesn’t value enough, those who give so much to care.

Let us know what you think of the Poetry and Covid project by completing this short survey… thank you!

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