This is Us

By Cathy Ibberson

We’ve managed as a family through the dark winter nights
Using cinnamon scented candles and star fairy lights
At times someone’s temper has reached dizzy heights

We’ve learnt from each other, the way to use zoom
And we’ve seen from the attic a glowing full moon
Though we hope to escape from this Pandemic soon.

We’ve spent many hours on a local fresh walk
There’s been time to bake, or just sit down and talk
The garden turned for planting, with our spades, rake and fork

Not sure what’s next, or what this year will bring
But we’re certainly ready for a good dose of spring
To see the bulbs sprouting and hear the birds sing

I am a busy working mum, in Leeds West Yorkshire. I have 3 growing sons and Husband, who are all living at home. One doing his final year of Uni in the garage! I am a musician, but also love writing and I attend a Creative Writing class.

I love writing, particularly during the months when I was furloughed, April-July 2020.I walked with my family of 3 growing sons, played music and set time aside to be creative with my laptop. I like to express in writing, about the ordinary everyday things, that we maybe take for granted. During this year of the pandemic, I have got back to work as a music therapist in palliative care.

The creative writing course I am on through Swarthmore in Leeds, is a highlight of the wee; to share our ideas, read to each other and learn from our wonderful tutor!

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Yvonne Lewis
Yvonne Lewis
1 year ago

Fantastic Cathy!

Bernadette Birtwhistle
Bernadette Birtwhistle
1 year ago

Well done Cathy!

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