By Elena Isabel

When the world is dark and cold and dangerous under foot REMEMBER the time you walked in the sunshine and felt sand in between your toes.
When your heart feels confused and your head hurts with today’s news REMEMBER how your heart felt the day your child was born the first time they smiled at you or the day you passed your driving test or the day a loved one got the all clear.
When you feel unloved unwanted REMEMBER that you are unique you are loved you are interesting you have a life of tales to share
When you feel like every day is the same stuck at home with not much purpose not many plans REMEMBER that this time is meant for healing for resting for connecting that this time is for making future plans.
When you feel like you cant go on another day like we are at the moment REMEMBER life is short we cant waste days these are days that we have been given REMEMBER that you are loved and needed
When the darkness passes and you are once again with loved ones laughing crying planning making memories REMEMBER that nothing lasts forever and that we did it together we did it together and until then plan that trip plan the meal plan that gathering and REMEMBER you are so lucky to have all you have and all you have not lost and you are truly loved REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER

Isabel I am an essential worker from Pontefract in Yorkshire. I have been well for nearly a year and kept really safe unfortunately 3 weeks ago I tested positive for Covid which has changed my life. I have never attempted poetry but this came from my heart to my family while I was in bed fighting the virus. I hope it will bring some peace to others at this dark time.

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David Clarke
David Clarke
10 days ago

From the heart when actually suffering with COVID.

Carol Clarke
Carol Clarke
10 days ago

Absolutely beautiful. Something to really remind us that life will be blessed again.

Vivienne Hindle
Vivienne Hindle
8 days ago
Reply to  Carol Clarke

So beautiful so true thank you Isa we are all blessed in different ways ❤

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