Mum in a Pandemic

By Tora Chessum

Sounding out phonics
Keep your focus on the screen
Don’t get distracted
by Dad trying to clean

Cutting out paper planets
Printing numerous sheets
Making Chinese dragon dances
Keeping you away from hidden treats

Now pivot to your sister
Is she awake, is she asleep?
These days she’s permanently in bed
As work and leisure boundaries creep.

Fighting through GCSEs
Trying to focus on her Pc
While plugged into Spotify and YouTube
Desperate to detract from the monotony.

Our daily dog walk over the field
Occasionally crossing paths with a friend from school.
Do we have a socially distanced chat
Or just wave and pass to keep to the rules?

Cooking breakfast lunch and dinner
Washing up 100 times a day
Trying to keep everyone’s spirits up
When everyone wants a duvet day

Every day is Monday
Groundhog Day for real.
Except for getting up at 4am
To pick shopping for Sainsburys.

Then it’s a dance around the aisles
To keep 2 metres from each other
While constantly increasing time targets.
So the boss won’t get in bother.

Then on to care for Nana
To wash and feed and dress.
The Alzheimer’s is good today
Showing love, safety, warmness.

Back home to do home schooling
I shall miss you when your gone
In just a week you’ll be in school
And our synergy together flown

Once again I will pivot
Go find a new job if there are any
But I worry you will need me close
Will your development be steady?

Or has this time of isolation
affected your social skills?
Will you play and laugh and thrive
Or hold back, be shy, be still?

I’m worrying too much
I know we’ll all be fine
It’s just been months of worry
It will be normal in no time.

When we awake from hibernation
From this coronavirus thing
We’ll rise up like tulips
Breaking out to signal Spring.

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1 year ago

Love it! This is so true!

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