Two Poems

By Christine Parcells

My Mental web

I see the spiraled web in which I’m caught
A familiar maze fragile, yet taut

Its grip is sticky, not easy to shake
I felt its grasp at dawn’s first wake

As much as I resist and ponder
I fear not far I wander

The mental depths indeed complex
Thoughts twist and turn; they oft perplex

While through this pen, as I profess
The grip does linger a little less

The shadow lifts a little more
One step closer, towards that door

My arm is free, a leg, now two
Breathe, keep going — you’ve made it through

Silver linings

The gentle rain, a sound’s delight
Melodic dancing, so soft and light

Sweet chorus from the bird’s dear song
That peace and calm for which I long

The sky is grey, the air slight chill
Yet my spirits rise, my heart does fill

Beauty remains, this earth will heal
Through love and care, our souls must feel

Deep breaths, be still. With you, I stand.
Two feet, one heart upon this land.

Deep breaths, be still. We carry on.
Tonight, tomorrow, each day’s new dawn.

Christine Parcells is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and works in learning & development. After years of exploration around the world and through studying — she is now exploring the inner joys of creating through writing, art, and cooking.

I started writing poems shortly after lockdown started in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. When I found myself feeling anxious, I started writing and could feel the sensations start to melt away. Anxiety is complex and captivating. When I honored that and approached the feelings with awareness and curiosity, the power of those sensations decreased. It has been a calming creative outlet in these worrisome times and I hope my words can resonate with others. 

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Matthew Praksas
Matthew Praksas
11 months ago

These are beautiful! I would love to work with composer Kendra Harder to set “Silver Linings” to music for voice and piano. Would I be able to find out more regarding rights and copyright? If possible, I would love to speak to Christine Parcells directly.

Tim Newson
Tim Newson
1 year ago

Excellent and insightful

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