Three Poems

By Bobbie Prime

Cry of the Earth

I sent you messages,
I wept,
sent you fierce floods;
You didn’t listen.
You had forgotten
the message I gave Noah.

I sent you mighty winds,
howling, shrieking;
whipped up waves,
battered down houses,
swirled away people.
You didn’t hear their cries.

I sent you ferocious fires;
sparking, crackling,
devouring all before them.
You were frightened for a while,
but soon forgot,
turned back to getting, spending.

A few dead trees,
flooded fields,
a few homes lost;
what do they matter?

Now I have one last thing,
a thing so small,
so tiny,
so insignificant,
You will not see it,
notice it.
A mere speck.

Soon you will feel it;
it will creep insidiously into your lives,
change them for ever.


Studland Bay lies eerie, peaceful,
no tourist jet-boats roar and pass,
in blue depths, seahorses, graceful,
hook curvy tails to bright seagrass.
In city streets, now empty, quiet,
goats and deer twitch ears, toss heads,
lured by the unaccustomed silence
daintily munch through flower beds.
In river waters now shining, clear,
silvery porpoises swim and dive.

We peer through windows, full of fear.
Is Death awaiting us outside?

While mankind struggles to stay alive,
all other creatures flourish, thrive.

Christmas Greetings from the Prime Minister

I am writing to inform you that,
Christmas has been cancelled.

Shepherds without a correct UK licence
will be left seated on the ground.
Any non-national sheep, reindeer or donkeys
found without appropriate entry papers
will be impounded at Dover.

Angels, of both Arc and Gabriel varieties,
irrespective of wing size, must apply for a special visa before flying.
This is also applicable to heavenly hosts and stars of wonder.

All wise men wishing to travel to the UK
must present the correct immigration documents
and will be permitted to travel only in a bubble of three.

All supplies of Frankincense and Myrrh will be impounded.
However, as a gesture of goodwill, an unlimited
supply of gold may be brought into the country(taxable at a rate of 45%)

Pregnant women attempting to cross the Channel
will be returned to Calais.
No inns, mangers or lowly cattle sheds will be provided.

All suspicious-looking grey-bearded elderly men wearing red coats
will be sent to Morton Hall immigration detention centre.

All UK residents must set free any live turkeys
that are in their possession.

A nourishing meal can be made
from bread-sauce and stuffing.

Please take down the fairy from your tree;
owing to anticipated outages,
her magic is unlikely to be operative until further notice.

Cards and envelopes may be used to make a warming fire
in the unlikely event of a power failure.
Gifts and wrapping paper may be included,
thus avoiding the necessity of recycling.

However, It may be advisable to exclude any toilet rolls
which you may be inadvertently stockpiling.

From my wealthy friend’s holiday home in the Caribbean,
may I take this opportunity to wish you
a very Happy New Year
in Europe-free Britain.

Rule Britannia,

I am a retired teacher of English as a Foreign Language to Adults and a TESOL teacher trainer. I have  lived in Burton Joyce for many years. I have been writing poetry, short stories and biography since retiring, belong to the Nottingham Writers’ Highway and formerly attended writing classes at Nottingham Theatre Royal before lockdown, though fortunately classes have been able to continue on Zoom. I am also one of a group of seven, known as the Broadway Bards who used to meet in  the Broadway cinema but now meet online.

Reading and writing poetry in particular has been a lifeline during this period; trying to make sense of it, come to terms with it, escape from it.

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Nes Cook
Nes Cook
1 year ago

Clever and witty on serious themes. Thank you Bobbie.

Let us know what you think of the Poetry and Covid project by completing this short survey… thank you!

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