A Worthing Winter

By Anita Moyes

Golden leaves fallen and swept away,
A weakening sun frames a shortening day,
Casting long shadows across the freezing sand.
Red tinges reflected in a Winter wonderland.
Seabirds scanning the rippling pools
Have no use for our Lockdown rules.
Spot the stars in an astronomy book
See the space station – if you know when to look.
Berries are glistening in a garden at rest
Visited by a single robin redbreast.
Greetings from Worthing – perhaps a view from the pier
And seasonal wishes for a happy new year.

it has been therapeutic to focus thoughts and observations into creative writing. Also a finished poem has given me a sense of achievement in difficult times.

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Nes Cook
Nes Cook
1 year ago

Whole heartedly agree with the sentiments in this poem and the sense of achievement in writing. Thank you for sharing it Anita.

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