New Years Poem 2021

By Charles Betts

Another year’s over and what did we do?
Tried to stay away from that old covid flu.
When the year started we had already made plans,
To travel somewhere to far distant lands.
The bags were all packed. We were ready to go.
Didn’t matter where, just out of this snow.
March came along with it’s covid nineteen.
Crazier times had never been seen.

The WHO relegated the wearing of masks.
They’d call me a rebel if I dared even ask.
Can’t visit friends outside of my bubble.
Go very far and for sure I’m in trouble
Cover your face! Wash your hands! Don’t sneeze!
Don’t get too close! Stop I say! Freeze!
Don’t shake my hand or give me a hug.
What kind of hole has the government dug?

The government is trying to make us believe
If we don’t wear a mask there’ll be no reprieve.
Don’t think for a minute I trust the W H O.
They are likely in league with our “good friend” Trudeau.
We all know for sure that he can’t be trusted.
Just look at the crimes for which he’s never been busted.
Go ahead, you wear your mask all the time.
We’ll see whose health is better, yours or mine.
They shut down commerce and said it felt right.
I think they’re trying to show power and might.
Rat out your neighbor cause everyone’s scared.
“Big brother’s” out there, and his teeth are now bared.
They gave away money which I’m sure they’ll want back.
If you say what you think, you’ll be attacked.
No opposition!!  You could end up in jail.
The money they gave me, I’ll use it for bail.

They have a vaccine. They claim it’s the cure.
As for myself, I’m not really so sure.
I’ll put it off as long as I’m able.
I’d like to see what else is under the table.
Here is a thought I’m cautious to tell.
If I refuse this vaccine, can I buy, or sell?
Can I travel? Will I need some kind of mark?
Right now, I think we are all in the dark.

If we follow the rules right to the letter.
This coming year will surely be better.
That’s what they tell us. If we only obey,
We can all look forward to happier days.
Maybe even go somewhere. Get away from it all.
Go visit a friend, not just give them a call.
No one will say, because none of them know.
Accept it they say. Just go with the flow.

Go with the flow. What does that even mean?
It’s one side or the other. No in between.
There’s no way to look twelve months ahead.
Mask wearers are sure that we’ll all be dead.
I’ve decided to live. I’m going to give’r a shot.
We’ll still be around, more likely than not.
My advice for us all in twenty-twenty one;
We’ll all know more when this next year is done.

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