Footy Has Returned!

By Alun Robert

to the elite football restarted
though most life is in lockdown

to test their pedigree stallions
in private clinics and on grass

to engage in contact and dives
without face masks or distancing

to empty massed stadia covered
with massed adverts and insignia

to satisfy sponsors overloaded
with finance, products or debt

to the delight of media pushing
hard to invent news in sport

to fill gaps in tv programming
now that repeats are overdone

to entertain armchair followers
glued to their boxes or internet

to drink of season successes
even if nobody else is aware

to celebrate with best chums
clandestine behind locked doors

to contaminate each other for
the virus spreads through air

to mutate other strains from
South America or South Africa

to pass it on through touch of
friends, families and even foes

to frail and infirm in care homes
bereft of viral ppe but not care

to be remembered by families
who cry for their lost souls

to have been taken too early
“yet mistakes will be learned”

to the wonderment of children
who cannot return to school

to spend hours ogling football
when most life is in lockdown

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