That Day

By L Lyddon

That day will come
And my senses will savour every second
I will walk down the hill and when I see you I will run and I won’t stop until my arms have found yours
As I absorb your embrace I will hear you smile
Inhaling the perfume of you
My face will drink in the softness of yours
My fingers will feel the silkiness of your hair
And your heart will beat against mine
I will taste the salty tears that flow from my eyes
And I’ll do it all again and again and again with every single one of you
Drinking you all in as if my life depended on it

The sun will set and the pulsating joyous crowd on the dance floor will beckon
And we’ll join that living organism that moves as one
In utter rapture and communal worship
We’ll dive into it
And nothing else will matter but
That song
In that moment and
Those faces
So close to ours
Shouting out exactly the same words

And I’ll lose you in the crowd but drink the crowd in
And lose myself in you all
Our bounded wounds will open
But we will breathe each other’s life
And we will take each other’s hands
And we will kiss them
Because we can
Because we can

The numbness by which we have existed will begin to thaw
And we’ll unlearn it all
Oh we will, we’ll unlearn it all
Never again will we reject the chubby hands of a friend’s baby who reaches out to us in delight
Hands staying firmly in pockets
Curbing instincts as ancient as humankind itself
Never again will we sit and watch another friend in tears
A two-metre barrier like concrete between us
Sitting on hands to stop them offering comfort
Guilt and fear will no longer be the price we pay
For simply conceiving of simple acts of humanity and love

I will see you then
I can’t wait to see you then
That day

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Andy Hunter
Andy Hunter
1 year ago

Your reading is incredibly powerful, a fine, impassioned poem

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