There will be an After

By David Ford

One day soon, there will be an after
That rings again with children’s laughter.
We’ll say farewell to all the graphs and analysis
And start redoing the things we missed.
We’ll go on holidays, to the pantomime and the pub,
Dance the night away in a sweaty club,
Go on that shopping trip with mum
And relearn how to have some fun
In an evening out with friends.
These are the things we will do again.

There will be better days after this,
When we will meet again and hug and kiss
And while away a morning in a favourite café
Or celebrate a relatives last birthday,
Get a haircut and go to a football match,
Be glad we’ve got a train to catch,
Take off our masks and recall how to smile
Saying to our friends, ‘it’s been awhile.’
Tomorrow will be another day
And we’ll learn again to love and play.

We’ll wake up in another time
And realise the hill we’ve climbed,
Sorrow and grief will be put aside
And we’ll forget the days we sat and cried.
And then we will relax and say that at long, long last
We have consigned Covid to the past.
But for now, there is only now
And we have to survive it. Somehow.

David Ford has had poems published in Poetry Review, Rialto, Popshot and displayed on London buses. A collection of poems has been published by the Happenstance Press. This poems was inspired by something Mark Lancaster said on Newsnight (26 Jan) about the need for hope – there will be an after

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1 year ago

Such an uplifting poem, thank you David .cr.

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