By Wendy Pettifer

You need a prop on which to hang the day
Like the kiss of the southern wind
Through the washing you hang in the garden
Stroking sheets with your cheek to check they’re dry,

You need to unlock your door
Step out across the street empty of traffic
Into the park full of pink and white blossom
Like confetti drifting to the greener grass

You need to fight your fear
Of strangers bearing secrets
Of park benches, bus stops, all things familiar
Shopping queues and postmen

You need to lighten up
Your masked face waiting by the window
For friends and family
Who will come, will hold you, will raise a glass

Although I’ve been writing poems since I was 13 I only found time to publish them in Lovelines.net during the pandemic.  Writing has been a great solace to me during these hard times, as I also have cancer.

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Linda Rodgers Pranitis

Dear Wendy,
I love the way you write” stroking sheets with your cheek to check they are dry” put me in a warm ,peaceful moment .I too am a cancer survivor. I send you healing thoughts.
Best Linda

1 year ago

Wendy, what a great poem… you need… to share more! Thank you, and best wishes to you .cr.

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