Girls’ Night

By Dawn Birch-Tutt

Girls’ night then was going ‘out-out’.
High heels, lipstick, pout.
A chance to catch up over curry,
To share our Newest News.
It was tears and broken bracelets,
Taking photos in the loos
And always helping out the one
Who had overdone the booze.

Now it’s in the living room,
On What’s App, Skype or Zoom,
Checking Wi-Fi connection,
Tapping frantically on phone.
It is talking tribulations,
Having a giggle or a moan,
Clinking glasses to the screen,
Knowing we aren’t alone.

For now we miss our cocktails,
With styled hair and painted nails.
But one night soon I’ll hug you tight
And we’ll hit the town once more.
We’ll dance around our handbags,
Queens of the dance floor,
Treasuring every moment,
Our friendship stronger than before.

I wrote Girls’ Night in early Summer 2020 when I was feeling particularly sentimental about the freedom many of us previously took for granted and when I was missing meeting up with friends for a drink or two! The past year has given me the opportunity to slow down a bit and re-evaluate what is important to me. I am busy helping out on the Covid Vaccination programme as an administrator at the moment but I do also have more time to write and have been involved with virtual sessions with my writing group, Walsall Writers’ Circle in the West Midlands. You can find out more about us at

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1 year ago

Lovely poem ❤️❤️

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