Alone (Together)

By Miriam Huijser

The deafening silence of nothingness
embraces me in an embrace too tight
to find comfort within, I try to fight
the tears stuck in between
the line of light and the flight of life
have grown division, their only mission
is to tear me apart
pieces of me, peace of mind, I start
I know there comes a time
where you come online and I chime
in to say good night
exactly nine before midnight
good night, good morning
I mourn trying to be strong
it is not all wrong
I do feel good and grateful
fall asleep late full
of drowsy dreams, sorcerer’s scenes
but this feeling crawls up slowly,
grasps me fully,
doesn’t let go indefinitely
there I lie, ‘I’m good’ I lie again
Weren’t we all in this together?

I wrote this poem while struggling with loneliness not too long ago. The experience of loneliness for me personally was bittersweet because I enjoy my alone time, but I also realized there is a certain level of social interaction that needs to be met for me to be ok.

The experience of loneliness is shared by many people around the world right now. We live in a paradox – we are all alone together. This means something different to different people at different times of the day. It is ok not to be ok, and to be sad and angry and happy and experience the full range of emotions within a day. This poem speaks to that experience, which is both hard and beautiful.

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1 year ago

A beautiful poem, Miriam, it really struck a chord. Thank you for sharing .cr.

sarah Bennett-Green
sarah Bennett-Green
1 year ago

I was immediately drawn into your poem by the first two lines and I was there struggling with you. Thank you for an awesome poem.

Miriam Huijser
Miriam Huijser
1 year ago

Thank you for your kind words Sarah

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