By Zakia Nasir

Living in a limbo of
the real and the surreal
Like sleepwalkers we face the real
with a brave face, quivering lips and questioning eyes
Unable to fathom the unexplainable surreal around us.
We start taking deaths in our stride
Is this what herd immunity signifies
All around is spread impending death
Hidden, silent and quiet!
Not saying a word just tiptoeing in with a cord to strangulate the alive
Even the unshakable, but unsure succumb
The surreal existence watches helpless from above
Seeing fear ridden faces,
A desire to detach from bitter reality
Wishing to slide into a complete soothing forgetfulness
One moment you are and the next you are not
What an incongruous juxtaposition,
The being and not being is meld into a surreal existence
Every second seems stretched to years
When the alive slide to oblivion before your eyes
You cannot touch cannot console for death shoos you away with a warning!
With lethal fingers on its lips telling you to be silent.
Even the opening of your mouth could lead to your doom
The virus may enter seen lips but, by eyes is unseen
It shrouds the lungs scaffolding them to breathless release
There you are and then you are not!

I am a Professor of English and former chairperson English Dept. Lahore college for Women University. My PhD dissertation is on Postcolonial feminism. I have to my credit poetry publications in The Waggle, an international online magazine of Engaged Writings and Arts, published from Alberta Canada. Also published in national and international magazines.

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sarah Bennett-Green
sarah Bennett-Green
1 year ago

Dear Zakia, for me this poem encapsulates the times we are living through and certainly the fear. I find it very moving and real. Thank you for sharing.

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