By Qurrat-ul-Ain

A small invisible spec, o, not a spec even,
A lifeless thorny minor ball, yet mighty enough
To challenge daringly a creature six feet tall,
Bringing the world into chaos,
And behold! deserted streets, silenced secluded roads,
No hugs, no handshakes, humans frightened of humans,
A situation negating the power of intimacy and togetherness,
A war between the sophisticated labs and a spec,
And of brilliant geniuses against a lifeless ball,
Will it end at all, or end us all?
Humans caged inside, while spring is relished,
And other shapes of weather
With embellished sights of nature,
Are welcomed by non-humans together,
Behold the blue sky, serene and bluer,
And white clouds vividly contrasted with azure,
Chirping is louder than ever and the Earth happier,
As if nature celebrates the absence of two-legged creature,
Is it a sign of rebirth, the renewal of our Earth?
Or the scheme of Mother Nature?
That when the planet is free from the polluters and pollutants,
It could secretly work for its repair and stature,
And when the masks are over, ah, they are over soon!
The air will be anew and the Earth a boon.

I am a teacher by profession. I write poems occasionally. Words and rhymes flow when I am greatly inspired by a situation, a person, or a thing. 

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