Our Separate Ways

By Michele Witthaus

I’m trying to warn you
but you don’t want to hear.
I’m shouting at you through my mask
but my mouth is full of cotton wool.
Perhaps my muffled words remind you
of a time you’re determined to forget.
You’ve thrown in your lot with those
who choose to disregard
the evidence of all our eyes.
You’re a citizen of a different place now,
where the crisis we once shared is history
and your mates are getting the drinks in.

Michele comes to poetry from a journalistic background. Her first collection, ‘From a Sheltered Place’ draws on emotions and insights related to the Covid-19 lockdown and was published in August 2020 by Wild Pressed Books. She also has poems in a variety of anthologies and other publications. She is a member of Leicester Writers’ Club and is the 2020 winner of the Club’s Ena Young Award for Poetry and Chris D’Lacy Endeavour Award.

Since March 2020, I have written more than 100 poems about the lockdown experience and ‘Our Separate Ways’ is part of this series. I also had my pamphlet, ‘From a sheltered place’, accepted for publication by Wild Pressed Books and many other poems from this period have been published in anthologies, blogs and ezines in the UK and internationally.

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