Two Poems

By David Gale

Tipping point

Monday morning and attention is on the week to come. Ministers and advisers are back at work giving interviews to the media hungry for news after a weekend lull in data and reporting. It’s too early in the week to make announcements and predictions about the pandemic, so the messages are all rhetorical pronouncements.

tipping point
dogs barking at something
only they know


craving social contact
from behind houses
the waft of cigarette smoke

domestic abuse on the rise
moving from tree to tree
pigeon fight

only public gatherings of two
starlings gathering
and dispersing

sun rays and stormy skies
for every home
a rainbow

outside my home
magnolia petals crowding the pavements

David Gale is vegan, poet, mountaineer and owner of rescue dogs living in Gloucester in the UK. He has a number of published poems and haiku. Instagram: @sshhpoems

Scary as the pandemic has been, for some of us it has been a period of increased creativity by having more time on our hands due to job losses, furloughing and reduced hours, while others by the nature of our jobs, home and family circumstances have been working longer hours, home schooling, providing care and support for our family members and communities, finding little time to express our creativity. I have coped by journaling with haiku, connecting the day’s news with observations while going about my daily life.

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