By Steve Horne

‘Let go’, without letting go
cede control of your soul
she’ll watch it breathe for you,
despite you, in her role
of blue-coated angel
-so gutsy brave, so skillful
she tweaks through each bleak night
the bellows of respite
reserved for you, currently
preserving you, currently
its’ tubes are intrusive
like hospital visitors
reliable, supportive
like hospital visitors
you now must not see
such precision of construction!
this slave to repetition
is key now, for many
so few there are, currently
so few there are, currently…..

Well firstly I must say I count myself as incredibly fortunate this past year as (unlike vast tracts of the population) I have been able to carry on working outside amongst nature, in an A.O.N.B. and write on my days off, inspired by that environment.

The pandemic hasn’t actually changed the way I write that much (except for a ‘technical issue’ in that my writing room has been taken over by my wife working from home) but even that is a blessing in disguise as it has forced me to adapt and learn to research/write elsewhere.

The one downside has been that performing poetry live (which I love) has been out of the question. Audience reaction really helps you refine/keep/scrap what you thought looked good on paper and I didn’t realize I’d miss it so much.

However, considering the huge pain endured by sufferers and their carers around the world during the reign of Covid 19, it’s a miniscule price to pay…..

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Kathryn Green
10 months ago

Wow, I love the language and emotion this poem weaves

Steve Horne
Steve Horne
10 months ago
Reply to  Kathryn Green

Ah thanks Kathryn. Kind words indeed…..

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