Three Poems

By Mrs Glen Hughes

Covid Summer

We’re still in isolation, my husband’s here with me.
We look out of the window, people passing by we see.
We haven’t ventured out at all, just once to get our pills.
Not that we had covid, just our age related ills.
Husband donned in gloves and mask and done up to his neck,
The lady in the chemist shop, oh! Dear me! What the heck!
She thought he was a robber! Had police take him away!
I could have had him out upon that very day,
But I thought he might just like it, a break from me I mean,
A few days off from wifey, and of course a change of scene.
So I left him with the boys in blue and a comfy little cell.
I didn’t know they’d charge him with a felony as well!
So I thought I’d better rescue him and called upon the phone,
Now two most pleasant bobbies have kindly brought him home.
Happy that he’s back again I asked them all inside,
And whilst we’re drinking cups of tea, my hubby’s occupied
Fixing edge round patio, the one he built for me,
Big enough to not fall off when I’ve had a G&T!

Rainbow Soldier

Red is the blood flowing in his veins.
Orange is the sunset going down again.
Yellow is the sun next day risen in the sky.
Green is the grass under which his brothers lie.
Blue is the sky above, that gives him hope once more.
Indigo the inky sea whose waves bring him ashore.
Violet is the colour worn upon his lovers sleeve,
To let him know he has her love, when next home on his leave.

Covid New Year 2020/21

The turkey tasted like a treat! Roast potatoes golden brown.
But now the Yuletide’s over, soon the tinsel will come down.
Too many pies have swelled my tum, I’ve expanded hip and thigh!
And I couldn’t eat another sprout, however hard I try!
But still there’s one more party, well there would be if we could.
But stay indoors and isolate is what we’re told we should.
So instead of resolutions I’ve a list of things to do
Once we’ve had our vaccine and the all clear has come through.
Postie and the Hermes man will no longer need be sprayed,
And the opening of their parcels no longer be delayed.
Till then it’s home and Hootenanny with Jules Holland on T.V.
A bottle full of bubbly drunk whilst sat on my settee.
Then leaping round imagining Jules is in the room,
Suddenly my mobile rings, friends want to meet on zoom!
We join in virtual countdown, and a little out of sync!
But no one really notices – it must be too much drink!
Big Ben bongs to tell us all another New Year’s here!
But instead of celebration, we’re in a brand new tier!

I have always taken the view that it is up to each individual to make the best of what we have. A bad situation can be eased if not completely turned around, and so when thrust into isolation due to this pandemic, story time for my grandchildren was not abandoned but done via video link. This lead me to more writing than previously as we ploughed through the supply of children’s books at my disposal they wanted something different! Being left with time on my hands they would give me a topic or an idea and I wrote about it, and so I began writing children’s short stories to add to my collection of poems.

Members of my local history group found that e-mailing challenges kept us in touch, and my writing took another turn as I wrote several essays for their entertainment.

As the mother of two dyslexic children and one dyslexic grandchild, and the suspicion that I am mildly dyslexic myself some might be surprised that I enjoy writing so much, but I do and I have a great feeling of satisfaction once I have completed a poem and an even greater one when my grandchildren enjoy what I’ve written too!

Without lock down I might not have explored these other avenues.

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11 months ago

Well done, Mrs Hughes!

Helen Stubbs
11 months ago

Covid New Year 2020/2021 captures New Year’s Eve beautifully, and sounds very fun. I love your adaptability and positive attitude.

Mary A Gorman
Mary A Gorman
11 months ago

Excellent. My favourite is Covid Summer love the idea of hesitating and then letting him have a break from you

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