Two Poems

By Helen Scadding



I am listening

The simple fact is

there are no simple facts
the atmosphere is growing a little unstable.

Can we just be clear about this?
Because I do want to be clear.

I am as clear as water running over stone.

It is not our intention to mislead.
We want to do everything we can.

The thermals ease
we sink and dissipate, seeding ourselves into fragments.

The simple fact is
what I fear is if we fail.

The simple fact is
the beating streets bewilder us.

The simple fact is
the melodies we thought we heard have vanished into willow leaves

The simple fact is
our dreams have scattered

like blown petals
we are not listening anymore.

Night and Day (April 2020)

I am trying to get away
from myself
but there is nowhere to hide.

Into the silence come voices,
announcing they are working,
night and day.

I believe them.
They are busy
losing themselves in screens.

We are all unmeeting ourselves.

In the morning shadows of flags
at half-mast fall
on empty city squares.

In country lanes
muscular hares pause.
At night a pink moon rises.

I am based in Dartington near Totnes. I have just retired, but still involved in various ventures and I’m doing my best to ride out this terrible time intact.

Journaling has helped me keep writing in Covid. I started on 16th March- and here we are still going!!! My website is

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