A Covid Christmas

By Lucy Gamon

Little Johny’s feeling sad
‘Cause Gramps has Covid very bad.
John’s writing Santa Claus a letter
In hopes that he can make things better.

Away far up at the North Pole
John’s letter touches Santa’s soul.
Santa pauses a moment to ponder
Then calls his elves from way up yonder.

“What the world needs now is not more toys
It’s more gay laughter, more small joys.”
Santa tells the elves to alter each machine
To now manufacture ten tons of vaccine.

Santa then calls the CDC and the FDA,
Offering his help and the use of his sleigh.
Santa plans a distribution scheme
That is like nothing the world has ever seen.

The reindeer all are assigned their tasks
And Rudolph gives them each red masks.
The reindeer now are ready to depart
They each must fly six feet apart.

The elves load the vials on Santa’s sleigh
And up it climbs, away, away!
Reindeer so swift, away they fly
Millions of vaccines, soaring through the sky!
Supply chain issues? Not for Mr. Claus
He delivers all night without any pause.
Health care heroes give a cheer
For Santa Claus is finally here!

Santa wriggles down each hospital chimney
With a brand new load of PPE.
The virus he is going to attack
And nothing will stop him, not even a snack!

The adults all smile, but each tiny tot
Is a little afraid of getting that shot!
So Santa is the first to roll up his sleeve
Says, “Come on now, you must believe!”

And Christmas hope and Christmas joy
Now come at last to each girl and boy.
As they all sing, both large and small:
“The gift of good health is the best gift of all!”

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