The Year of the Covid

By Melodie Sanders

My name is Melodie Sanders, and I am a southern middle Tennessee girl born and raised. I’ve written thousands of poems through out my life since the fourth grade but none ever have been professionally published. 

“The Year Before Covid”,  was inspired by the great Christmas Story, as I stated before, but the biggest reason I chose to write about this pandemic is because, I’ve been writing poems since my youth in the fourth grade, when I discovered that I have a talent for expressing my thoughts through rhyme. When the pandemic struck, I watched the news, and media thoroughly following all the chaos across the globe, and I decided that it was an even greater opportunity to show readers what we all felt while battling the virus. I’ve actually written several other pieces in regards since this pandemic began as well, but I shared with you ,”The Year Before Covid”, because I felt like it truly grasped what many folks were thinking and feeling during this time the best. 

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