Fears for Tiers

By Liz Boys

Rising from the melting smog a dazzling Shard of glass,
Gilded padlocked gardens, “Please keep off the grass”.
Emission zones deserted, no one left to pay,
Furled umbrellas and bowler hats don’t see the light of day.
No-one’s pulling ribbons from schoolgirl plaited hair,
Or locking Sir in the cupboard, just a childish dare.
Lycra sporting FitBits up before the lark,
Trying to avoid detection, jogging in the dark.
There is no roar of greasepaint or the smell of a crowd,
Theatre land is silenced, draped in black out-shrouds.
No Happy Hours or cocktail bars or high tea at the Ritz,
Hungry ducks in Regents Park, a bench where no-one sits.
The underground’s deserted, no unbecoming scrums,
Pyjama clad commuters stay home and twiddle thumbs.
Locked in Yuletide bubbles, granny’s left at home,
No-one pulling crackers, Christmas lunch alone.
As 2020 fades away can Boris dry the tiers,
Another “annus horribliss,” this was the worst of years.
Boffins armed with vaccine come bobbing across the seas,
Let’s prays their little phials of hope rid us of disease.

I live in Whitstable. I have enjoyed writing for many years.  I contribute to our Churches Together Network which aims to connect with people who are finding life difficult during lockdown.

I live by the coast in Whitstable and am fortunate to be able to take daily walks on the beach.  The commuter trains to Victoria hug the coast for a short while and I often feel for the early birds travelling up to London.  However, the empty trains during lockdown gave me the idea for this poem and how covid might be affecting people who live and work in the city.  With this poem I have tried to take on a mildly light hearted approach in an effort to put a smile on the faces of readers, many of whom will be young adults.  I was aiming to encourage them to feel hopeful and not hopeless about the situation they find themselves in.  I originally wrote this poem at the beginning of the year during the early stages of covid, however as 2020 has progressed it has taken on a new direction of its own. 

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1 year ago

Brilliant poem!! Loved this 🙂

Pankaj Trivedi
Pankaj Trivedi
1 year ago

Lovely write, Liz.

Germina Melius
Germina Melius
1 year ago

I enjoyed reading your poem. It made me smile.

Germina Melius
Germina Melius
1 year ago

I enjoyed reading your poem, it made me smile.

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