Three Poems

By Mary Lee


Each gift of air from
who knows where, given
and received in the garden

of beginnings. Each inhalation
declares: to receive is to give
solace to those with sweat
on their brows as they

scream to breathe with ease,
be released from fear.
The love-ocean flows in the veins
of each, paces breath – no borders –

crosses into hunger – cradles
yearning for fairness: a word
insists on rising: Mama…Face

pressed to the pavement
while a white cop murders him
by asphyxia – George Floyd’s
last breath-words forever echo.

– i.m. George Floyd, 25/05/2020

Fruit Wonders

Stay at home – I fantasise:
blossoms on trees and shrubs
grow into metaphor. I foresee
harvests of apples, pears,
damsons, blackcurrants…
Recipes for Christmas abound –

today it’s jam. I marvel at miracle
sugar that makes consistencies jell,
preserves, maintains the fruits’
bright burst, brighter than their

cornucopia of flowers: pinks, reds,
crimsons. Heat and sugar
alchemise, jars of glowing jewels
in the cupboard – luminous

clusters. And I think of other fruit
wonders – babies born – softly
palmed to bounteous breasts, eyes
rest on children as if their mothers’
knowing will never be complete.

Heft and Light

I tread the pathway to tide’s arrival
beside a meadow of green waves. An
ascending skylark summons me, his soar
flood of song as resilient as ocean’s

commotion; he transports me beyond time
and space: highways and byways
of my life. I traverse continents and time

zones, furious and relaxed happenings.
The lark’s sudden descent, out of sight
collapses my travels into a kaleidoscope

of spirit – both heft and light – now
abysmal like the caverns beneath the cliff
or again full of rapturous passionate

surfers who watch for their moment
to disappear, and lost from view, reappear –
arms and legs flailing – as they
reach for their boards.

Mary Lee’s poems have appeared in numerous publications nationally and internationally, including Skylight 47Orbis; CrannogThe Linnet’s Wings;The Galway Review, 4; Poems for Patience, (twice runner up) The Furrow; etc.

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13 days ago

I love “today it’s jam” gives us a sense of ticking off the lists…there are lots of images here that make us think abut the air and space around us.

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