Two Poems

By Bernadette Sweeney

A New way of life

Mankind were frightened over a silent disease,
avoiding a cough, a temp, a wheeze
Covid-19 swept the earth,
warning humanity to give a wide berth.

Social distancing was the new norm,
face masks and gloves became uniform.
Zoom and house-party the new going out,
while sipping prosecco and perfecting the pout!

Rainbows became a symbol of hope,
clapping for carers gave strength so to cope.
The hustle and bustle no longer routine,
Pollution faded; the air became clean.

The earth breathed again and spread its wings,
while children adapted without slides and swings
family and friends craved a good hug,
Hello from afar avoided the bug.

Covid-19 oh so deadly and strong,
Please stay safe and wash hands, so things can’t go wrong
Kindness, distance, and love protecting each other,
connects us all, to save one another.

Covids Cloud

Another day and darkness lingers
as Covid breathes and thrives,
cases rise, humanity shrivels
this deadly virus still swipes at lives.
Stay safe, wash hands, wear masks,
our routine of everyday,
uncertainty lives in all our souls
as we fight it in every way.
The light will shine, anxieties shall ease
as we wait for a cure to grow,
our world will heal and rebuild again,
when Covids cloud is no longer our foe.

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Quinn Li
Quinn Li
1 year ago

Social distancing was the new norm,
face masks and gloves became uniform.

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